Catholic Youth Ministry Mini-Module – 21st May 2017

It was lovely to welcome youth ministers at the first CYM Mini-Module on 21st May 2017 from the following parishes in Bromley Deanery:

  • St Joseph’s Church, Bromley
  • Holy Innocents Church, Orpington
  • St Theresa’s, Biggin Hill
  • St Anthony of Padua, Anerley
  • St Patrick’s, Chistlehurst.

There was lots of discussion, feedback on recent Youth Ministry Discussion Groups in Southwark Diocese and sharing of ideas for youth ministry activities and initiatives for the future.

Read on to see a summary of what was discussed:

Feedback and Discussion

Inter-parish discussion on realities of youth ministry, challenges, sharing of best practice.

Chance to bridge the post-Confirmation gap

Opportunity to explore faith both for adults and young people

Opportunity to become involved with Faith in Action and its ability to bridge gaps in faith for youth.  Active interest and application of faith

(Would like the chance to meet the FIA team in Liverpool)


Envisage a Youth training course every 5 years – chance for adults to be taken out of the ‘everyday’ of parish life and ministry.

Benefits of Conforti course 2013-2016 – open, flexible and opportunities to share experiences.

Would like to hear more external speakers

Would like to see ‘Life’ as a deanery course


Gaining numbers – rotas, volunteers, youth,  enough to begin the youth ministry conversation.

How do you ask for help & assistance in a way that encourages & enthuses?

How do you best discover talents and skills in the parish?  St Joseph’s ‘Talent Survey’ used as a recent model.

Regular coffee mornings?


Ideas for youth ministry going forward

More deanery functions to gather numbers and support

Adult refresher courses e.g retreats, stand alone talks.

Flame 3 – satisfying & rewarding for youth to see others ‘enjoying faith’

Building a ‘forget the technology’ approach into events and activities for young people.

Confirmation review –    Ask for parents to accompany,

Ask them what their child’s interests are?

Gain increased parental involvement

Youth Leader training – SCYS Advocate programme (in negotiation with the team at Southwark Catholic Youth Service)


Post It Suggestions – what is needed?

Gathering info from a parish census and working it into a plan for the future

Sharing a library of resources e.g books, websites etc

Bi-monthly meetings of youth ministers – exchange ideas to inspire and go forward

More information on what is around for youth

Calendar planning meeting (Sept) e.g Christ the King Youth Mass – to enable collaboration with Confirmation programmes

Post Confirmation Social event – celebration in the deanery

Guest speakers – to inspire and encourage us

Trip to Lourdes

Sessions on:       ‘How to make sense of our faith to others’

‘Experts in social media

‘How to talk from the pulpit’ to engage at Mass

Deanery ‘Life’ discussion group

Post- Confirmation event

Reconciliation day

Visits to other parishes

Events held together – especially for smaller parishes

Register of youth ministers talents – so that we can begin to plan interventions in each other’s groups

Deanery post-Confirmation retreat

Youth to speak across deanery parishes

Calendar planning

Faith in Action – tasks and activities for yp to become involved with

Reflection for parishes to carry forward for the next phase

Shared youth clubs, inter-parish retreats

Someone to speak to parents at Mass and explain the benefits of a youth group

Deanery ‘outings’ e.g visits to cathedrals

Deanery ‘get-togethers’ at strategic times of the year

Visiting youth leaders


Members of the Bromley Deanery CYM team.

Please join the conversation, all suggestions, comments and idea welcome: email the CYM Youth Coordinator for Bromley Deanery:

CYM Mini Module Presentation – CYM Mini Module 21.5.17

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