Faith in Action 2018 – Reflective Session Dates & Locations

In addition to participating in the range of activities associated with each award in their parish, school or community, Faith in Action candidates will be required to attend 4 Reflection Sessions.   These sessions will provide your child with regular opportunities to share with the team all the good things they have been doing and they will be encouraged to explore these activities in the light of the Gospel message.

The dates for these Reflective Sessions will be as follows:

  • Saturday 24th February (3-6pm) – St Joseph’s Church Hall


  • Saturday 28th April (3-6pm) – St Joseph’s Church Hall


  • Saturday 9th June (3-6pm)St Edmund’s Church Hall


  • Saturday 7th July (Catch up session) (3-6pm) St Edmund’s Church Hall


  • Saturday 22nd September (3-6pm) – St James the Great Church Hall


  • Saturday 20th October (Catch up session & Submission of final work) (3-6pm)St James the Great Church Hall


  • Faith in Action Awards CeremonySaturday 10th November 2018 (details tbc)

We look forward to building a relationship with your child, their school and parish community which we hope will provide a strong and supportive foundation for them as they grow and mature in their faith.

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