Faith in Action candidates will be required to attend all 4x *Reflective Sessions in March, April, July & September and catch-up sessions if needed, in addition to accruing the set number of hours spent in their parish, school and community completing a range of fun and engaging activities associated with each award level.   These sessions provide the young person with regular opportunities to share all the good things they have been doing, with the team  and they will be encouraged to explore these activities in the light of the Gospel message.

All our events take place at our two Faith in Action Hubs:

(HI) Fr. Phelan Hall at Holy Innocents Church, Strickland Way Orpington BR6 9UE, or

(BCS) Sport Hall at Bishop Challoner School, 228 Bromley Road, Shortlands BR2 0BS

The Reflective Session dates are:

  • *RS1 – Saturday 11th March (HI) / 18th March (BCS)    2.30 – 6.00pm followed by 6pm Mass
  • *RS2 – Saturday 22nd April (HI) / 29th April (BCS)    2.30 – 6.00pm followed by 6pm Mass
    • Half-Way Audit / Catch-Up – Saturday 13th May (HI) / 27th May (BCS)   10.00am – 12.30pm
  • *RS3 – Saturday 1st July (HI) / 8th July (BCS)   2.30 – 6.00pm followed by 6pm Mass
  • *RS4 – Saturday 9th September (HI) / 16th September (BCS)   2.30 – 6.00pm followed by 6pm Mass
    • Mid-Summer Zoom Catch-Up – Saturday 13th May (HI) / 27th May (BCS)   10.00am – 12.30pm
    • Final Piece Submission – Saturday 14th  October (HI) / 28th October (BCS)   10.00am – 3.00pm
    • Faith in Action Awards Ceremony at Bishop Challoner School Saturday 19th November 2022   3.00- 5.30pm followed by 6pm Mass

A note about 6pm Mass:

  • Where Mass follows each Saturday session, this is optional but an extremely good way to round each session off. It is the hopeful desire of each parish priest that the young children should attend Mass at least once each week and this is a great way to promote this ‘good habit’!
  • At Holy Innocents we will finish up by 5.55pm and walk through from the hall to the church to meet parents in the church just before 6pm;
  • At Bishop Challoner, families collecting their children to set off for 6pm Mass at St Edmund’s can do so, by coming into the school, in drive-thru’ fashion. We will have the children going for 6pm Mass, ready to collect from the front door of the school building at 5.45pm, giving you ample time to get to St Edmunds, park up and get seated!

The Catholic Youth Ministry team of Bromley Deanery are fully trained with seven year’s experience in running Faith in Action and look forward to building a fun and lasting relationship with your child across the award levels, in their school and parish community which we hope will provide a strong and supportive foundation for them as they grow and mature in their faith.