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“An important challenge (in life) is found

in a personal and committed relationship with God

which at the same time commits us to serving others”

– Pope Francis, 2014

Faith in Action is a National Awards Scheme, delivered in Bromley deanery by the Catholic Youth Ministry Project team. The scheme seeks to celebrate the faith journey of young people, the good work they are already doing at home, in school and and aims to encourage tangible living faith in the ‘real world’. It promotes a sense of community, strengthening links between individuals, communities and organisations whilst exploring the universal call to holiness. Together, the team and the youth of the Bromley deanery work for the Good News and the common good.

Through reflective session delivered in-person and on Zoom we look at what young people are already giving in service to the Church and in school, as well as the helpful roles played at home in the community.  It also challenges young people to do more to form themselves, deepen their relationship with God and change the world in which they live.

The scheme recognises young people as authentic experts of their own lives, giving them a sense of responsibility and valuing them as having unique gifts and talents to offer.  It helps them connect their life and faith in a tangible manner.

Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR
Liaison Bishop for Young People, Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.

The youth team of the CYM Project of Bromley deanery meet regularly to design each reflective session following CYMFed guidelines. Collaborations with local and national charities, organisations and inspirational guest speakers ensures the content and delivery of each session is informative, educational, fun and engaging. The aim of the project is to inspire and encourage young people to put their faith into action. Their efforts and achievements made through the course of the year are formally recognised and celebrated at an end of year awards ceremony held annually in the deanery, supported by the Archdiocese of Southwark.
It is open to young people of all faiths.

Faith in Action (FIA) in the Bromley Deanery has an annual cycle, from its launch in February to the glittering awards ceremony in November. Watch our information video below.

The four key elements of the award are outlined below. They are all equally important to the award.


The award has 4 stages. Pin – Discovery is for Year6 youngsters. In secondary school, they move on to Bronze – Service, Silver – Leadership and Gold – Innovation; in most cases, each of the last two levels are completed over two years. One or all levels can be completed and candidates need not start at Pin but can enter at other levels too.  A participant can move up or into the stages as they demonstrate greater independence, leadership in and commitment to their chosen service(s). The service element can be carried out through one organisation or activity, or built from many different service activities in various organisations. Each organisation verifies that the young person has carried out their service activities.

Spiritual Journal       

Each candidate is encouraged to record brief or detailed personal reflections of encounters and experiences throughout their FiA journey. They record what they have learned about themselves through being an active, serving disciple for others. These expressions can be created in any or all mediums – written, filmed, drawn, painted, sung etc. It is not limiting or necessarily a diary of what they did with related dates!

Four Reflection Points – Reflective Sessions 

These four gatherings are at the heart and soul of the award. They are spread over the year. Participants use their FiA journals or FiA scrapbooks to share their service experiences, thoughts, feelings and future steps. They reflect on these in discussion in the light of provided readings from scripture, church teaching, highlights on saints’ lives and questions. The time together ends with prayer and liturgy.

Final  Piece                  

Using the Faith in Action journal the participant constructs a final piece in any medium. It demonstrates their journey, reflecting on what they have experienced and learnt; and on how they have developed in skills and understanding of themselves, others and in their relationship with God. Future steps may be contemplated. The piece is submitted for moderation.

A word about verification, moderation and the award ceremony

The service organisations and individuals verify that the participants have completed the requisite hours and tasks.

The moderation is carried out by a panel of diocesan approved and appropriately skilled adults external to the school, parish or organisation where the service took place. Their role is not to ‘mark’ the journal and final piece, but to understand, celebrate and affirm the journey that the candidate has taken. They may want to hear more about that journey or final piece. They also verify that the participant has attended the reflective sessions. They then recommend the participants to the awarding authority. An award ceremony takes place in the diocese annually.


Participant : £20.00 for the Faith in Action Pack including an eco-bag containing the FiA Journal or Scrapbook. Session resources, materials and award badges are also covered in this price.

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