Pin award

Sunday Jan 29th 2017. They have tea for people after Mass. Father said it’s kind of like ‘giving drink to the thirsty.’ James, Claire and I wiped down the tables afterwards as part of our Pin Award. We had great fun. We tried to see who could make their table the cleanest! Here’s a picture.

Bronze Award

Sunday Jan 29th 2017. I helped Mr Jones in church today to give out the books. I am going to do this regularly now I know I like it, if it’s ok with Mr Jones. I thought I was too shy to do this kind of thing but it was fine. One lady said ‘God Bless you’ to me when I gave her a book, and I felt like He had, by giving me the chance to do this job.

Silver Award

Friday Jan 27th 2017.Tonight at the church Youth group we did the quiz. I had suggested this and offered to prepare the questions. The youth leader helped me with the letter to the parents, the equipment for the slides and the prizes, but the rest was down to me. I was pretty nervous about reading out the questions but it was OK once I got started.  I put in a lot of questions on things they would know about like football and celebrities and some on our faith as well. As it’s a church group the leader and I agreed that these questions should get double the points for a right answer! We had also decided that everyone should pay a bit extra that night, so that we could cover the cost of prizes and then send a small amount to a charity. In a way this bit turned out to be the best. Because even though only one team could win everyone could vote on which charity to send the extra money to [Water Aid or Bromley Homeless Shelter. We chose BHS). We all felt we had won in the end by helping other people as well as having fun ourselves. And a lot of my friends at the club have asked the leader if we can vote like that again at our next fundraiser.  Brilliant to think that we can make a difference! [I must remember to get the leader to sign my FiA verification sheet.]

Gold Award

Jan 10th 2017.Today was the third time I have organised a group of younger pupils at school in a fundraising activity to get money for CAFOD. It was a cake sale. It was a lot of hard work to get everyone enthusiastic and working together. We raised £82. But the best thing was that we did it with everyone helping each other, having a great time, and with hardly any disagreements!  And I think talking to everyone at the start really helped. I told them quite a few times that it’s  important to carry out the activities in a way that reflects the message of CAFOD – that we are all responsible for each other and need to help and take care of each other.  So it looks like they actually took that on board. I must tell my Gold Group at the next Reflection Point get together because some of them came up with the idea when I asked them how I should get the team working together, in a Christian way.

Car cleaning next – bring it on!