FIA 2020 – Information for Parents

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We are very pleased to welcome your child onto the Faith in Action Award Scheme for 2020.  We look forward to guiding your child as they work towards their chosen award level, encouraging them to develop and build upon their unique gifts and talents as they become disciples of the modern world.  In addition to participating in the range of activities associated with each award in their parish, school or community, your child will be required to attend 4 Reflective sessions.   These sessions will provide your child with regular opportunities to share with the team all the good things they have been doing and they will be encouraged to explore these activities in the light of the Gospel message.

The dates for these Reflective Sessions will be as follows:

Session #1
Saturday 15th February  – St Joseph’s Church Hall, 3-6pm followed by mass
Session #2
Saturday 21st March – St Joseph’s Upper Room, 3-6pm followed by mass


Catch-Up session
Saturday 16th May – St James the Great (Hall), 3-6pm followed by mass
Session #3
Saturday 27th June – St James the Great (Hall), 3-6pm followed by mass


Session #4
Saturday 19th September – St James the Great (Hall), 3-6pm followed by mass
Session (Catch up)
Saturday 10th October – St Joseph’s Church (Hall) 3-6pm followed by mass


Final Submissions 7th November – St Joseph’s Church Hall
Awards Ceremony
Saturday 21st Nov. – St Joseph’s Church Hall 3.30pm ,followed by mass


  • We look forward to building a relationship with your child, their school and parish community which we hope will provide a strong and supportive foundation for them as they grow and mature in their faith.

Role of Parents/Guardians:

  • To listen to, encourage and support the young person in their service(s) and journal maintenance, practically, emotionally and spiritually.        ​
  • To facilitate the young person to attend the Reflection Points and Award Ceremony.
  • To communicate with the local (parish/school) coordinator about any concerns.
  • To pray for the young people participating in the award, and the FIA team.
  • To celebrate with them in their successes and their journey milestones.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in the Faith in Action Award Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the following people:

  • ‘Faith in Action’ Coordinator for Bromley Deanery – Susan Longhurst via email:
  • Parish Priest
  • Parish ‘Faith in Action’ Link (you will be sent details after registration)

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