Ice Breakers/ Team building activities

The following activities have been tried and tested on groups of young people aged between 10 – 18yrs and are good ways to help break the ice and get people feeling more relaxed:

Ball of String – Happy family memories

1. Ask people to form a large circle
2. Give one person a large ball of string and make sure they hold tight to one end.
3. The person holding the string shares a happy/ positive/ significant memory or experience involving friends or family.
4. Once they have finished, they throw the ball of wool to someone in the circle, keeping hold of the end.
5. The next person shares their memory and repeats this action until everyone in the circle has taken part.

Ask people to see how the string connects everyone together through this sharing exercise.

Shopping list/Memory game

1. Ask people to form a large circle.
2. One person starts off the game by saying their name and then tells the group what food they bought at the shops beginning with the first letter of their name e.g “My name is Susan and I went to the shops and bought some sugar”.
3. Each person continues round the circle but must begin by recounting each person’s name along with all the foods bought so far, before adding theirs on at the end.
4. The last person has a huge task on their hands!! 🙂

Toilet roll activity.

1. Give each person a single sheet of toilet paper and a pen.
2. Ask them to write down 3 things which identify them e.g football, family, scouts.
3. Fold up each sheet and place into a bowl.
3. Everyone stands up and picks randomly from the bowl.
4. Each person must then work their way round the group, trying to identify who wrote their list by asking questions based on the 3 factors listed.
5. At the end, ask people if they were successful and to name the person whose list they picked.

For more ideas, have a look at these websites:

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