Pancakes and Fun – Preparing for the Season of Lent 2016.

“When we prepare for winter we put away summer things and take out I’ll gloves and boots. Today, we prepare ourselves for Lent by putting away the alleluia and taking out the palms to burn into ashes. Today the shouts of alleluia fade and are buried, the ashes are prepared and we begin our pilgrimage.”


This was the introduction to the Shrove Sunday Liturgy presented to the Young People of St Joseph’s Parish Community, Bromley on Friday 5th February 2016.

As we moved on from fun, games and pancakes (hearty second helpings for most) the lights were dimmed. The boys and girls engaged in a spiritually rounded moment of true pre-Shrove Sunday stillness and serenity as they circled together to listen and participate in the liturgy. United, they individually pondered before scribing their sins on palm-shaped notes. It was a heart warming response to the carefully chosen and lovingly adapted Liturgy for Young People, as the beautiful and mesmerising instrumental of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” gently enveloped them, keeping them deep in that moment.

Thank you to the entire team who made this both fun and meaningful for all.  We would like to thank in particular the Scout leaders who gave over their weekly session to the CYM team and assisted with tips, advice and expertise and most especially, the young people who attended and joined in with enthusiasm and commitment.







Shrove Tuesday Liturgy Plan

Shrove-Tuesday-Liturgy-for-YP 5.2.16

Instrumental: Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”



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