St Joseph’s Youth Mass, ‘A celebration to mark the new school year’ 12.9.15

On Saturday 12th September 2015, the youth team for St Joseph’s parish community held afternoon workshops and a Youth Mass to celebrate the new school year. The liturgical theme for the afternoon was based on Jesus’ question to his disciples ‘Who do you say that I am?’ (Mark 8:27-35).

The young people who attended from parishes across Bromley deanery contemplated different perceptions of Jesus and also what it means to practice faith in the modern world, whilst participating in a variety of activities such as art, dance and music.

The pictures below capture the amazing artwork produced during the afternoon:

SJ Youth Mass 1

SJ Youth Mass 2

SJ Youth Mass 3

SJ Youth Mass 4

SJ Youth Mass 5

SJ Youth Mass 6

SJ Youth Mass 7

SJ Youth Mass 8

SJ Youth Mass 9

SJ Youth Mass 11

SJ Youth Mass 12

SJ Youth Mass 13

SJ Youth Mass 14

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  1. Thanks to the CYMP team for putting on a fun afternoon. I was pleased to discover that another Bonus Pastor Catholic College student is in the same deanery and that we could connect in this way. It was good to see others out of school and spend time with kids from my church and Scouts group being creative and helping out with the music for mass. I’m really looking forwarding to the next one and think they should happen more often. Please keep me and my brother Joe, posted.
    Thanks a million, Edgar

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