What is the Catholic Youth Ministry Project?

Youth Ministry Course 2014-17

The Catholic Youth Ministry Project is a Bromley Deanery initiative which is helping to re-define our understanding of Youth Ministry in today’s culture.  It aims to provide the tools, skills and resources with which we can enliven and engage the young people of our parish communities in meaningful and sustainable ways.  The project comprises a course comprising 9 modules, each covering a discrete area of Youth Ministry and is delivered by the Conforti Institute, who have extensive experience in training and education.  The modules are run over 3 weekends a year and take place at St Joseph’s Church in Bromley.  Currently there are 38 parishioners from 9 parishes in Bromley Deanery participating in the project.  Click here for more information on the course. (Resources – Outside Agencies) (Who we are) (Course)

Parish Support

At a parish level, the aim of the course is to enable and equip parish groups to develop a long-term strategy for youth ministry, which meets the needs of their young people and is sustainable for the years to come.  In between modules, parish groups meet on a regular basis to discuss and plan strategic ways in which the information and training can be transformed into practical action in their parish communities.  Parishes are encouraged to tailor the resources from the course to their own parish communities and to utilise their own skills and talents to enable them to feel confident and excited in their ministry.  Click here to see the impact of the course on parishes in Bromley Deanery. (Who we are) (Events)

Deanery Collaboration

One of the greatest strengths of the project lies in the potential for meaningful collaboration between all Bromley deanery parishes in the area of youth ministry.   Since the beginning of the course, parishioners have developed strong and valuable relationships with those in neighbouring parishes and this has led to a dialogue of support and shared experiences, as well as practically coming together to participate in youth related events and activities.    Click here to read more about these events and activities. (Events)

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