Third Reflective Session – 10th June 2017 (3-6pm)

Focus: Our Active Love Builds The Kingdom Of God

The young people of Bromley Deanery have demonstrated such inspiring engagement with the Faith in Action award that we are very pleased to confirm that a member of the CYMFED team responsible for writing and developing the Faith in Action Award Scheme will be joining us for Saturday’s session, to meet all our young people taking part and to celebrate their progress to date

The team look forward to spending some additional time this session to help the young people with their journals and to look over the fantastic work they have been doing over the last few months!

Our focus for Saturday’s session will be to explore all the ways in which our active love builds the Kingdom of God and how we each have a role to play – as individuals and together as part of the Christian community.  .

We look forward to seeing all the young people participating in Faith in Action on:

Saturday 10th June from 3-6pm in the Upper Room at St Joseph’s Church

See you then!

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