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Since the beginning of the CYM project, we have run 3 successful youth masses involving young people aged 9-18yrs and we hope that this will become an integral part of a regular youth programme. Masses have taken place at different parishes across the deanery and have been a good opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge learnt through the course modules, as well as nurturing and developing youth ministry activities across all parishes in Bromley.

HI Youth Mass 2

Each youth mass comprises an afternoon workshop of activities such as art, music, liturgy preparation and dance, all of which are designed to engage the young people in a fun and prayerful way and culminates in the celebration of mass.

SJ Youth Mass 14

Click on the links below to see the programmes we have used for 2 youth masses, which can easily be adapted for future events:

Holy Innocents Youth Mass – Programme 12.7.15

St Joseph’s Youth Mass 12.9.15 – Programme

Here are examples of the posters we have used to advertise youth masses, or art competitions as part of the CYM project:

St Joseph’s Youth Mass Poster 12 9 15

Christ the King Youth Day Poster 22.11.14

Holy Innocents Youth Mass Poster


Iconography workshop kindly run by Luke Goymour –

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